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Psychology - Effects of Gender Roles on Trauma Recovery

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I have a couple ideas for my EE research question, but I need a bit of help refining them:

- Gender Roles on the Effectiveness of Psychodynamic Therapy in Treating PTSD (I'm having trouble finding information for this one)

- Effects of Gender Roles in Trauma Recovery (I feel this might be hard to measure or possibly too general)

- Effects of Anti-psychotics on ability to Cope with Stress (Again, too general)

- Anti-Psychotics vs Psychodynamic Therapy in Trauma Recovery (Apparently comparisons are not a good idea)

- CBT vs Counselling in the Treatment of Anxiety (Too general)

Which of these do you guys think would be my best bet and how would I refine them? I really want to do the first or second ones, but I'm not sure if I could. Any other general ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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