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Physics SL IA help

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On 9/14/2017 at 8:01 PM, Wyatt Berckenhoff said:

Greetings, Could be as simple as Hooke's law on the effect of blank. Or how has hooke's law showed blank, what has Hooke's law taught us? if you need more creative i will have to get back with you after thinking. 

I am planning to see how springs that obey Hooke's law also display Simple Harmonic Motion.

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Ok, gonna try my best without formatting. What you've got so far with Hooke's Law and SHM is a good start, so now we just gotta start looking at some of the equations. From SHM, you know that

a ∝ -x (simple harmonic motion)

and you know that

F = -kx (Hooke's Law)

So, using Newton' second law, which states that

F = ma,

and equating it with Hooke's Law,

ma = -kx

This is known as the spring equation, and is pretty much what your IA will centred around: varying the three variables (m, a and k) and observing their effect on simple harmonic motion. Any detail beyond this is optional, but you might want to consider some of the following if you are really interested, or want to lock down those sweet personal engagement marks: dampened harmonic motion, driven harmonic motion, solving the spring equation (requires calculus), friction, multiple springs

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