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Hi! I'm a second year IB student and my TOK presentation is in barely a month. I did already do my practice run and my teachers liked it but right now, they're not very encouraging and helpful and my teacher is too scary to try ask questions to ANYWAY! So my TOK presentation topic is "What role do logic and emotions play in the creation of attraction to others?" and it's a pretty cool topic and I have a lot to say but I've got an issue. All I am saying for my first AOK (Psychology) is from one site only, it has really good points and examples and I paraphrased everything but the ideas are basically the same. What should I do? Should I research for other examples? Do I need more than a certain amount of sites? Will I be penalised for plagiarism if I only use that site's ideas? I probably will... PLEASE HELP ME!!

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From what I remember, you can do a perfectly good TOK presentation without any sources, depending on the knowledge question. The presentation is like a thought experiment, connecting TOK ideas to real life. It is of course appropriate to have sources as long as they add onto your TOK thinking, but much of your TOK-thinking-style can come from what you have already studied in your TOK classes.

I guess I should also note that people who think of the presentation as a research project and not a TOK investigation, regardless of the increased number of sources they obtain, typically do not do as well as they do not focus on knowledge itself, which is the entire point of the investigation. Your knowledge question looks good, and I am sure that if you continue changing words in paraphrasing and continue with investigating the TOK world, you should be just fine.

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