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What is the reflection? (2018 EE)

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Hi! I'm not really sure about what the EE reflection is, how it's done and when to submit it. My school told me to create a "reflection space" to write about my thoughts during the EE writing process, but I don't really know if it is useful or just a waste of time. Will this be submitted? Or do I have to fill in a document summarizing the thoughts I wrote on the reflection space and send it with my EE to be graded?:huh: I'm so confused.

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The main purpose of the reflection is to award students marks in engagement. This is especially important to students writing Group 1,2, and 3 EEs, where personal engagement may be difficult to find in the paper. Such form for the Engagement criterion is the "Reflections on planning and progress form" (RPPF), whereas your Researcher's reflection space is just personal notes to collect thoughts for the RPPF that you fill out after formal reflection sessions with your supervisor. Hope that helps!

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