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Math IA on Martingale Betting System

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Hey guys, 


My draft for mathIA is due in 1 week, and I have the topic but I haven't written anything. The reason is I don't know what to write about. I know I will be writing on the martingale method, and I have written a java script which simulates this method for 1,000,000 rolls of roulette on the American (double 0) roulette board. I can choose the initial bet and how much money I have at the start. 

Should I just write my IA on debunking the betting method? Or find the optimum starting bet based on the total balance?  Or should I make a new betting method and write the code for that and debunk my OWN betting method? which would be better for personal engagement? I feel like writing the code shows personal engagement well. 

Any help? 

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Of course, code shows personal engagement, but obviously not everyone need to use code to demonstrate such. 

If the method is not mathematically viable, you can both prove it mathematically and statistically. All the approaches you described seem promising if you can explain your work clearly. 

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