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Does literature fall under art?

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Working on my presentation topic and I'm interested in working within art. I'd like to discuss the function of language and art within poetry, but when I brought it up to my teacher, he seemed iffy about whether literature falls under art as an AOK. In class, we discussed art mostly in context of visuals -- paintings, sculptures, dance, etc., so I'm just honestly not sure if lit counts. What topic our presentations fall under dictates the week that we present in my class, so I'd prefer to know sooner rather than later what direction I'm going in here.


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Art constitutes of three different art: Literature(poetry, stories, novels etc.), Performing arts(dance, music, theatre), and Visual Arts(sculpture, paintings etc). Literature is also called a liberal art, but definitely not a Visual Art. ART is at large talked about in the context of art work, so it depends what context you are intending to use.

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