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Hi guys!

I really need an IA topic. I can make sure I have personal engagement with it. My only problem is that I don't know which one involves a lot of maths and not only statistics, but it still is doable at the same time for an SL student. I have tried two other topics but I can't find the right one for myself. Please do you have any suggestions(from the list of topics on the internet) that is actually doable. I know you think that any one can be done if you know how, but please can you tell me which would really score well with enough effort and commitment. I'm running out of time and I'm panicking a bit. 

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What are some things you are interested in? Start from there and brainstorm some ideas.

For instance, let's say you like reading in general. These are some ideas that I've just come up with:

1) Take your favourite adventure book and plot the tension (or level of drama) on the page vs the page number. [That is, x=page number, y=tension]. You can define tension from a scale of 1-10 where 1 = no tension (relaxed day) and 10 = intense (running away from home). Of course this is based on your own judgment but that's ok. Plot this on a graph and you should expect something that's sinusoidal in nature. Come up with a function and discuss this. Perhaps the structure of an adventure novel can be described mathematically.

2) Get the written essays of some of your friends and note the number of spelling errors or grammatical errors per 100 words. You have to do this for a large number of people. Plot this data on a histogram. Hopefully it will look like a normal distribution. If not, you can use the binomial probability distribution to find the expected number of spelling/grammatical mistakes on a 4000 word essay like your EE.

These are 2 ideas that just came off the top of my head. Start with something you are interested in and write down 5-10 ideas (not matter how crazy they sound). After you write them down, eliminate the ones that seem unfeasible. Surely, you will find one that is manageable.

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