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Question regarding Examine-style prompt for Paper 2

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Good day everyone!

I am to write a take home practice Paper 2, but the question given to me starts off with an 'examine' prompt. I'm not sure how to go about structuring such an essay; that is elements such as wether there should be a central thesis towards which all arguments revolve around or wether each argument should stand as a separate thesis of its own. For that matter, I'm not even sure if I'm supposed to implement a counter argument. Can anyone help me? thank you. 

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Structure depends a little bit on the subject you're taking, but in most cases, you should define key terms then talk about the arguments and counter arguments. The "thesis" is usually really short. Definitely definitely definitely DEFINITELY consider both sides of an argument, having a balanced argument is in the rubric of almost every IB subject that includes short answer. Don't worry about "weakening" your point by considering both sides. Having a balanced argument is more important than trying to prove a point.

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