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So I have a TI84 Plus CE Calculator.

I just wanted to know for my IB exam, could I just remove all the applications and programs other than the simultaneous + Polynomial equations software?

(http://lo3.gdynia.pl/ofertaedukacyjna/media/calcul.pdf - This PDF from IB mentions that for the calculator I'm using only this software is allowed.)

There is an exam mode which removes all these software automatically, but I would like to have the simultaneous + polynomial equation software especially for Math HL.

Thanks so much :)

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According to the document you posted, there shouldn't be any problems, nor complicated procedures for you to follow.

To start, you have a TI 84 Plus CE. In the document, it says "TI 84 Plus – all models" meets the minimum requirements. So there shouldn't be a problem there.

Second: they dictate a bunch of things to delete on p.6, just follow those instructions. In my school, the invigilator would walk around the exam room before the exam to reset our calculators (our RAM, in any case),  this might not be the case in your school, though.

Good luck.

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