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Medicine in Ireland/Scotland

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Hi all,

I am interested in applying for medical programs in Ireland and Scotland. I am especially interested in Trinity College Dublin and Edinburgh University in Scotland. Does anybody know what is a typical offer for those two universities in terms of IB POINTS AND UKCAT?



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For the University of Edinburgh Medicine, their minimum entry requirements are 37/45 and 766 with Chemistry at HL. The site says the typical offer is "at the minimum entry requirements", but I heard from somewhere (can't remember where, might have been a counsellor or friend applying there) that a typical offer would be closer along the lines of a 39/45 and 6s or 7s in Chemistry and/or Biology, especially for international non-EU students. 

I'm not too sure about Trinity College Dublin, however I have a friend who applied to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland with about the same predicted grades. The RCSI seems to have similar entry requirements as the University of Edinburgh, and possibly something to consider as well. 

Sources (click "Entry Requirements")


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