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IB Subjects for International Law or International Relations

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Hello everyone, I'm trying to decide between two IB schools based on the subjects they offer and I wanted to ask for your opinion. The two possible subject combinations are:

Finnish A HL
English B HL, Swedish B SL
Economics HL
Math SL


Finnish A SL
English B HL
Economics HL, Global Politics HL
Biology SL
Math SL

I'd really like to study both Global Politics and ESS, but that isn't possible in Finland (although I could always try applying to schools in Sweden). I'm not all that interested in sciences which is why I would like to take ESS and I find Global Politics interesting. I've also heard that History is a good subject for law school, but I'm not particularly interested in it. What are your thoughts?


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The first group of subjects would likely be easier than the second one, since ess is much easier than biology in terms of syllabus. It is generally what people take if they aren't interested in sciences but want to suffice for the diploma. But keep in in mind that ESS is also harder to score higher in(according to statistics)

Taking three languages is also one of the easier combinations because the content is not as large as other subjects. History may be useful for Law, but only to a small extent and the importance would be really slight, if any. Taking language at HL would be pretty helpful, and economics is also pretty helpful. Law in particular is very competitive so you should take advantage of the lack of requirements to score higher.

But of course, global politics is a closer match to what you want to do so i dunno. I had the same problem of clashing subjects in my school but I hassled with my coordinator so he changed the time table(though ours is a small school so it was easier to persuade him)

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