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Which one should I select?: Biology SL or Environmental Systems and Societies SL?

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Hello, so I'm kind of new to this and will be starting IB next year (this use to be my sister's account who has already graduated). Before the term ended, my school gave the 10th grade a little orientation regarding the DP for next year. They gave us our subject selection sheet and currently, I'm beating myself over which one I should take. I'm not really a scientific person nor am I interested in learning about the Earth (as bad as that sounds). So the best advice that I could receive is which subject is the most easiest for me to pass and who knows, which one of them might interest me later on. 

Bio SL or ESS SL?

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I want to say essentially 80%+ people who choose ESS does not want to take bio/physics chem. As a result, only 1% of students get 7s and 12% ish get 6s. However, the subject is not as easy as people think because 1) few teachers have experience teaching ESS 2) an interdisciplinary subject requires understanding of mutiple subjects. Hence my answer is biology is easier in the sense that study strategy is obvious: memorize everything; read textbook. I do not know if there is a proven strategy to ESS. 

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