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I am currently a student in the IB program (high school) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What average do I need to get accepted into U of T, Mac, UWO, Mcgill?

Do # of volunteer hours/ school clubs increase my chance?

Which is a better uni for undergrad and why? ( I've heard U of T is not so good).

What advice would you give me/ any other important info I should know abt?

Do the chances of an IB diploma certificate improve my chances?

Then, I want to go to Dental school/ Med school...not sure yet but I currently like Dentistry.
Also what are the pros and cons of U of T, Mac, UWO and Mcgill? ( life/ health sciences)

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I'm assuming you're only applying to life/health science.

U of T, McGill, Western and McMaster are only grade based for their life and medical science programs. Once you are above the cutoff, you're in. Volunteer hours and extra curriculars play no role and are not seen. Mac Health Sci has an extra form, but it's just problem solving questions. You need a mid-high 80 to get into science, with the exception of McMaster Health Science (90+) and Western Medical Science (92+). IB Certificate isn't something special and only your Ontario grades will be used in admission.

McMaster Health Sci is by far the best undergrad program in Canada for getting into med and dentistry school. The averages are inflated to give the students a better chance at getting in. After that, all of the science programs are the same, so consider other factors such as cost, atmosphere and on campus opportunities when making your decision.

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