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Hi! I have a problem...

I'm a junior and I just started IB in August and now its September and I am kind of regretting my decisions. I am currently taking:

HL Math

HL Chem

HL Bio

SL Korean


SL Lang & Lit

Currently, I am getting all 6s for my SLs but My HL grades are nearly failing and I am not very much satisfied. I always sleep late (like 3 am - 2 hours of sleep most of the time) because of work (I know I just started IB) and I don't think I can keep up with this until next year. My mom said I should drop all my HLs to SLs and do IB certificate instead of Diploma. I told my friends about this and they freaked out and told me that I should just do Diploma. Honestly, I feel like it would be awesome if I drop my HLs to SLs because I absolutely hate Chem HL. I'm okay with Math and I love Bio tho...but because I have the 3 most rigorous subjects, I can't focus on my SLs and my Bio HL and so my grades are not good...and my health is deteriorating  (getting sick every 3 weeks even if I take vitamins) What should I do? Btw the university I want to go to is Korea (SKY) but they don't have much information about the requirements for IB. And I think they care more about the grades...If anyone knows the requirements...of whether grades is much important than which subjects or program I take...please tell me... :D Thanks, I hope you help me with this before it's too late. 

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You ARE taking three very difficult subjects. If you like Maths and Bio, you could still continue with them. Instead of taking Lang Lit at SL you could consider changing it to HL and dropping Chem to SL. Personally I take English Lit HL but I feel like the coursework between HL and SL is not very different. If you are good at Korean you could also take that at HL(if you're doing it at B, that is). Ofcourse, you should also consider what you want to do in the future. If you want to medicine it would be a little useless to take Maths at HL. In the end you should take what you really like to do.

As for the entry requirements for your university, you should contact the university directly. They really help clear up so many confusions and also give you an idea of what you should do to be a more competitive applicant. If they don't require some particular subjects you could just drop them to SL.                                                                          Hope I was of some help. :) 


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