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How much does IB care about incorrect citations?

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So basically, we are finishing up all of our EE's that we started since around January. And so I wanted to just make quick changes on my EE before our teacher locks it officially tomorrow. But it seems that she has already closed it. The only problem here is that I realized that citations with no known author should be cited like this: ("Title of Article") instead of the ("Publisher of Article") so I really hope that they won't disqualify or take off a lot of points from my EE. Anyone know for sure?

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While examiners are certainly more used to the format of putting "Title of Article" before anything else when the author is unknown, I doubt that they'd mark you off for it given you were consistent. IB explicitly state that they do not enforce any particular stye guideline, so I don't think an examiner would be allowed to mark you off.

At any rate, it's a non-issue as you can tell your teacher and she can let you change your essay. The real date for the submission of the EE to IB happily rests in the future. Congrats on finishing and don't worry too much about this.

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