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TOK finding Claim

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Hello Everybody,

I'm struggling in coming up with a claim for my TOK presentation and so thought I could reach out for some help after hours of wordsmithing similar ideas. Could somebody please provide me with their opinion on the tentative claim I have. 

RLS - Recent Artificial Intelligence has similar thought processes and reasoning to that of a human and so critical thinking is done by the AI. 

KQ - To what extent does the lack of information encourage critical thinking?

Claim 1 : With the presence of limited knowledge, one's curiosity will be challenged thus encourage critical thinking to a greater extent.  


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I think the idea is fine, it just needs some rewording. For example, instead of  "With the presence of limited knowledge...", just start with "Limited knowledge challenges...". I'm not sure if I am allowed to give you a full example of the claim, but I think rewording is the only issue. Otherwise, if you analyze it well, it should be good.

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