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ESS: Condensed course

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Hi! I'm a junior and just started the IB.

I absolutely love ESS and did pretty well on my first couple of tests, projects and assignments, and my teacher offered me something that hasn't been offered to any other student at my school before (hence why I'm asking here!). He offered me to condense the whole 1 and a half year course into 1 year and complete my ESS exams in May of 2018.

I will have a study hall in place of that block for all of grade 12, which will give me more time to work on my projects, college applications, CAS instead of having to worry about another subject. I would love to know your opinions on this. 

A couple of background facts:

- My other subjects are History, Literature, Theatre, Russian Literature and Math Studies 

- I'm extremely hard-working and motivated if I have to be.

- All I do after school is the play + a couple of clubs, but I'm managing them with ease

- This teacher is moving at the end of this year, which means I'll have to adjust to a new ESS teacher if I don't follow through with this plan 

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