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Help needed with CAS!

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I'm having trouble coming up with CAS ideas for these two learning outcomes:

1. Ethics of choices and actions

2. Global engagement


Currently my projects are swimming, taking part in a charity show where you have to volunteer at a local cancer caring charity, being a mentor to a younger student to tutor them a subject. If anyone has ideas I'd greatly appreciate it because I'm really stuck and I have to meet a deadline very soon. 


Thank you!

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Hmm... if you are wondering about ideas for CAS there's always a lot! I'm pretty sure your local cancer caring charity counts as global engagement if it has a bigger picture of helping a foundation that helps cancer. (I'm not sure how to quote because I'm new on IB survival too) This guy called CkyBlue https://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/16850-ethical-implications/ talked about ethical implications:

"In your CAS activity, ethical implication is when you consider doing moral things, or doing things to generally help others for the general good for them. Example? The best one I can think of right now is making accessibility for disabled people.

It could also be in terms of moral decision making... if you are writing a play and you are thinking about theme, you could also write about the message of it about racism, people making right or wrong decisions... etc.

Most global awareness activities consider ethical implication as a complementary learning outcome, as it is towards a common cause they will do good for those less fortunate." - CkyBlue Sep 10, 2011


Hope this helps! Good luck!


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