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Subjects for Law?

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Hello everyone 

I just started my first year of IB (woohoo) and my subjects are English HL, History HL, Biology HL, French B SL, Math SL, Art SL.

I want to study Law and I was wondering if the UK universities had any specific requirements for the law course?

 I read that generally uk university care more about your final score than the actual subjects that you take (or atleast for law). My dilemma is Math SL, I really want to drop to Math Studies to be able to maximize my IB score and because Math SL is going to be too challenging for me. So will having math studies affect my college application in any way? 

Thank you!!

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I'm not sure about this but I do know that some universities in the UK do not require anything apart from English HL really for their law program. But this all depends on the university. 

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There are no subject requirements for Law in the UK. Evidence of Maths SL being preferred over Studies are anecdotal only, I can't think of any universities who would actually say they prefer candidates with Maths SL. So, if you think Studies will boost your overall score, I would go with that. 


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