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Double Spacing Required?

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Hello all!

My extended essay is due Sunday. I am doing one in maths, and I have spent quite a lot of time on formatting. However, I just reviewed the IB Extended Essay Guide for May 2018 exams, and apparently double spacing is required in the formatting. If I do this, then my entire formatting system will be messed up and it will look weird (I currently have it set to 1.5). Is this requirement wavered for math papers? How much will I be marked down if I keep it at 1.5 spacing even if making it double spaced would make the formatting look worse in general?

Also, as a side-note, how does the electronic turn-in detect when the 4000 word limit has been reached? Does it know when there is a parenthetical citation and to exclude that? 

Thank you!

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I don't think the type of paper (math or otherwise) matters. I'm pretty positive that it has to be double spaced no matter what and it depends on what electronic turn-in you use that determines whether or not the citation is included or excluded. Our school uses Managebac and it automatically excludes citations and all that kind of stuff. I suggest making sure with your TOK teacher or supervisor.

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