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Engineering in USYD, UNSW and UTS. Which is best?

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The title pretty much says it all.

I have UNSW as my #1 preference and it'll be staying that way. However, I'm not sure whether to place USYD #2 or UTS #2 (I'll be including them all regardless). My physics teacher, who has been a professor at Western Sydney Uni, said that UTS is really good because it's more hands-on than theory based. 

What do people think? Thanks!

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USYD is quite theory based (as far as I have heard); I think for engineering it's better to be hands-on than theory-based, considering the market

I probably would put USYD at second and UTS at third. This is purely because you can always move from USYD to UTS, and USYD does have pretty good connections. Even if you find engineering not to be the field for you, or you are considering to use your degree differently (e.g. data analytics, consulting etc. etc.), USYD can at least give you connections, which is apparently all the rage right now. 

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