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History HL

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History is practically easy as long as you can remember and analyze events.

ALWAYS try to review your notes/revise them each day. (Even if it means to skim it for 5 minutes.)

When you do take notes, always be sure to make points of causes, short and long term effects, what happened. (You can go even further by separating the notes within those categories into social/political/economical/cultural.) (I don't know how else to put it.)

I'm pretty sure you're tired of seeing this tip, but it works: look for and practice with past exams.

This is probably the best tip I would have given myself if I was beginning IB History HL.

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  • get used to explaining things thoroughly for the higher grade boundaries (which I was terrible at). Yeah, it was a cause, but why? How did x lead to y? Same with consequences.
  • make timelines - they're super helpful!
  • get used to writing a lot in a short amount of time - leading up to exams, I'd give myself ten minutes to plan the entire essay so that I know what I'd want to write and I could do it succinctly, get my thoughts in order, but also have all the info I need
  • make a list of historians and historiography, and write down how it links to potential arguments - then memorise them

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