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Title for Mathematics Extended Essay

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Currently, I am a bit confused. Looking over the extended essay May 2018 guide I see that the title of the essay cannot be stated in the form of a question (I take that to mean that it also cannot be the research question itself). However, in the mathematics section of the guide it says that "In mathematics, the title of the essay must be in the form of a question" (taken directly from the guide). Then, they proceed to give an example of an essay title when describing how you must explain the title early on, but the example they give is not in the form of a question (they give the example "Methods for approximating Π throughout history"). So, that begs the question, should the title of my maths EE be my research question itself, or just a regular title (a statement)?

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Oh never mind, I just found this:

"A contradiction has been brought to our attention about the nature of the title in the history, business management and mathematics chapters of the extended essay guide. A title is required for all EEs, and the generic guidance on developing a title should be followed by all students as a way of succinctly summarising their research. The title should not be in question form. This is best practice for all students, and where possible students should be given the opportunity to revisit their essay to amend it accordingly. Contradictory text on the extended essay website in the subject specific guidance for these subjects will be removed."


From: https://concordian-thailand.libguides.com/c.php?g=530178&p=3626648


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