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Need your opinion on my subject choice!!

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Hi guys!

I would love to know what you think about my IB subject choices. I started the IB programme one month ago, so I still have same time to change my mind. Right now I am studying:

English A, French B, Mathematics & Geography - HL

Polish A, Biology - SL

Could you please tell what you think about this set? What courses could I take at the university level?

Personally I have thought about economics, finances, law or something connected with french language. 

I will be extremely grateful for your help :wub:

Have a nice day! xxx

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4 HL subjects? Are u really sure about that. Because IB is no joke, and for now u might think u can manage everything but when all your IA-s, extended essay, Tok essay&presentation, mock exams, school assignments&hws and your personal life dramas all come to you at the beginning of your  2nd year u're gonna be well dead. But overall good choices. Of course if u want to study economics in university u better take economics instead of geography. Because in geography u won't really learn new things, just new ways to express the things we already know, while economics is a whole new world. By the way I love how your school offers 3 languages, mine doesn't. Good luck

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