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hello whoever is reading this ~ i’m in bit of a situation regarding my ee :((

for my ee i’m doing literature, and originally my topic was on dystopian novels. I was going to compare/contrast modern dystopian novels (like the hunger games, divergent, and maze runner) with old/classic dystopian works (like 1984). But as i was looking into it more i saw that 1984 (and the hunger games too for that matter) was overdone and cliche. And plus i tried reading 1984 over the summer and i didn’t finish it (im srry if im offending anyone! I just wasn’t feelin it). Anyways i decided to change my topic...

last year i read One Hundred Years of Solitude and was introduced to magical realism. And two years ago (i think?) i read this YA novel called The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. Basically there’s a debate (if you can call it that? The book is still pretty new) over whether or not it fits into the magical realism category, so i thought i could analyze the elements of magical realism (idk if that makes any sense?).

im not sure if it works as a topic or essay i can write about… i mean i have quotes/passages from the novel that point towards the lines of magical realism but there are also scenarios in the book/plot that don’t fit under the qualities of magical realism. (So those contrasts could be discussable maybe) Idk if i should follow through with this topic… wdyt any advice?

feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading this lengthy stress-filled plea for help haha rip

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Hey that actually sounds pretty amazing! Magical realism is a good topic to investigate, you should look at the book "like water for chocolate" by Laura Esquivel there is also a movie as well. You could investigate the magical realism in this book vs the other book you want to/ are working on. As well as, magical realism based on different genres is a good way to go! this post may be too late lol sorry but it looks like you are going on a good track 

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