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Extended Essay in Higher Level Mathematics

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I was thinking about doing my EE in HL maths and found some interesting topics like Rubik's cube permutations, golden ratio and beauty, what 'e' is, what  'π' is, and so on.

One of my hobbies is coding (I also do HL computer science and know python), and on one website, someone said that you could involve coding in your EE. How exactly is this done? Has anyone done this before?

Thanks, help is always appreciated!

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One way to incorporate computer science is use it to generate large amount of data (often in probability or statistics) to verify a theoretical result. For example occasionally when I answer probability questions here, I used excel to generate thousands of trials to verify some probability. I do not suggest spending too long to try to work computer science into your topic just because you like CS. It's definitely safer to ground research in math, and only use CS for supportive and minor roles. 

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