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IB Preperation

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Guest Kukiko


So I'm in year two right now, and I will be giving my exams in May 2018. At the moment my predictive isn't looking very good. These are my predictives-

Physics HL- 5

Chemistry HL-5

Business Management HL-6

English A Language and Literature- 5

French Ab initio- 5

Math SL-6

Extended Essay- Chemistry

I really want to study medicine in the UK, but that clearly won't be possible, because my teachers aren't very helpful(also because I haven't been studying properly-I've got personal issues at home). 

At the moment I've decided to apply to UK universities that are not medicine and to other countries as well. However, if anyone could give me a few tips on how to score a 40+ I would be really grateful. I am willing to put in the effort in getting those points(mainly because I want to prove my teachers wrong). I have also finished all my Internal Assessments except Business Mangement and Physics(I'm in the process of completing them), and I'm also in the process of doing my Extended Essay. As I said earlier, I am really willing to put in the effort in getting a 7 in all my subjects. I know that I haven't been studying these past two years(Like I said, personal issues) but, I do know that I can get a 7. So, if anyone could help me, I would be really grateful.

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