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IB Subject Choices for studying law

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Hey there,

I am in the middle of 10th grade now and we have to hand in our IB Subject Choices in a few weeks. Until now, I have gotten a few ideas on what to pick for the IB, however I am not sure if this is ideal for law, or if it's maybe a bit too difficult... What I have come up with was: 

HL: English Language & Literature, History, Economics

SL: Biology, German A Language & Literature, Maths SL

Would be great if any of you could comment on improvements or changes I could make for my choices. Also adding a reason would be great.

Thanks in advance :)

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I also have an interest in studying law in university, so twinsies :P
Your subject choices honestly depend upon the university you are trying to get into. As far as I know, most approve of a writing based subject (such as History) and also look favorably on languages - especially if you're doing European law. I've chosen:

HL: History, English Literature, French
SL: Maths (Studies), Business & Biology

You'll need to have a basic understanding of Mathematics, but in some schools (e.g. London School of Economics) you have to take a higher level of Maths. Personally, I'm aiming for Oxbridge, who don't specify a high standard of Maths. So in short, your choices are great!

Good luck with your exams~


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