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How can I increase my CHANCES???

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I'm in Pre-IB grade 10 (MYP5) class in an international school in Stockholm and it's actually my first year in an English speaking school (I've always been in a French school). I plan to become a psychiatrist and therefore need to study medicine then specialize in psychiatry (Ph.D. level studies). My dream is to study at an Ivy league school, mainly Harvard. I don't know what subjects to take next year, but do you think this looks good:

HL: Biology, Psychology, Maths

SL: English A, French self-taught, Global Politics

(As you can see I haven't chosen other sciences than biology (psychology is in an individuals and societies subject at my school) and that's because I am not good at sciences and don't like chemistry or physics, I hope that's fine. I also took French because I don't want to forget it as it is my second mother tongue. Do you guys think I should switch French with something else (and work on French alone at home)?

I don't know if this will count in my application process for Harvard but I did the "brevet" (national test of France at the end of 9th grade) and got a 654.4/700 which means 93% correct.

Otherwise my current extracurriculars:

- I do road cycling with a cycling club, now in the winter, we do spinning (indoor cycling) twice a week (an hour each time) and I train on my own on the other days for at least 90 minutes (it varies between cycling, strength training at gym or just bodyweight workout). I also go for a run with my friend during the lunch break on Tuesdays and Fridays for 30minutes (3-4km) at an easy pace and we then do a 15 minutes bodyweight workout. In overall, I consider myself an active person (maybe even VERY active: I make sure I walk every day at least 10000 steps).

- I participated in September 2017 in a cycling race. I cycled 60km, there wasn't any ranking (it isn't really a race, you just cycle) and my speed was normal, I guess. I have only been road cycling for some months but I dream of becoming as good as a pro cyclist and I'm training hard to reach that goal.

- I am a member of "Djurens Rätt", Sweden's biggest animal rights non-profit organization; I have been participating in some protests.

- I have a blog (started it for my personal project) and I basically journal interesting stuff happening in my Active life. I mainly want to show people how they could have a healthy lifestyle. I am not promoting my blog or anything but if you want to give feedback, here it is: MY BLOG

- I tutor two young Swedish girls, I teach them English twice a week, 1.5hrs each time and get money for it.

- I am really struggling with finding other things to do because I know this is a VERY important part of the application process. I do want to do some academic competitions but there isn't really such in Sweden, and if there is, it probably is in Swedish which I can't really understand.


Otherwise, I obviously plan to take the SATs but maybe next year. Please guys advise me on what I can do as extracurricular activities or anything? Also how to improve chances of getting into Harvard?


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