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Need feedback and some suggestion upon my EE topic

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Hello guys. just need some feedback and suggestions regarding my EE topic.
its about: 'Investigating The Types and pattern of a car tire that could give the best Grip and also whether a Cheap tire a better option if it have the same grip ability as an expensive one?'
Also should I include making my own pattern design and see what happen and evaluate it? is this too board or too complicated?

Do any of you guys have a suggestion of another topic around mechanical engineering field that I could use in EE? something that had stuck in your mind maybe and you want to investigate?
any help will do guys. Thanks. :P

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way too broad ..

define expensive tire/cheap tire

how are you going to test grip ability of the tire?

Making your own pattern for a tire might be hard too.

Also, id suggest finding a teacher mentor too.

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Well I have design an experiment, like cutting the tire into bits, then place it on a ramp, with different surface. then put some weight on the tire and lift the ramp slowly until the point where the tire starts to move.

Yes I have find a mentor, and that is the idea from my mentor. expensive tires are such as Goodyear one and the cheap one is just like the local one.

Anyway, My mentor said that I need more topics. Any ideas around safety driving that I could try around? just anything, and I'll think of the topic. thank you.

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