Can you cite this for my Bio IA?

Hi everyone,

My Biology IA is based on the rate of photosynthesis and I will be discussing about its limiting factors in my background information and their affects on the rate of photosynthesis. Most of my knowledge comes from IGCSE, or from an online teaching/textbook-course thingy called Kognity. Would that be citeable? As you can only access Kognity pages if your school as registered.

An example Kognity page is this: https://isb.kognity.com/study/app/biology-sl-fe-2016/molecular-biology/photosynth-core/limiting-core/

Also, is this link citeable? Because its basically a document that outlines everything and there is no clear author/not sure if this is counted as an article/website/manuscript??

http://www.rsc.org/learn-chemistry/content/filerepository/CMP/00/001/068/Rate of photosynthesis limiting factors.pdf


Any help is appreciated, thank you so much!

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