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Chem HL Advice Needed!

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I'm currently doing Chemistry HL and I'm finding the concepts challenging and hard to understand. I'm at the lower average end of my class, and most of the people are taking chem because they want to be doctors/engineers etc, however I have no plans to do chemistry at university and am now slightly regretting choosing chemistry HL. 


I was just wondering whether I should continue with Chem HL or not. I find chemistry interesting and I don't mind putting in the effort, but I'm scared that it will get much harder and that my grades will worsen. I'm currently taking Psych SL, Maths Sl, Chinese B SL, and English Lang Lit HL, Film HL, and Chem HL. 


If anyone has any advice or opinions on my situation it would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance .

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Hey there!

I felt exactly the same way as you do - mind you, I was taking Chemistry SL at the beginning of the IB and failed horrendously. But it's very much possible to make a comeback! 

I've sent you some advice via PM - check it out.

Best of luck! 

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