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HL Chemistry - past papers / resources in general?

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So. I've really been struggling with chemistry, I think I can understand the concepts well enough, but when it comes to actually answering questions, I'm screwed. I can never tell what exactly the questions are asking for and how I can get marks. I've spoken to my teacher numerous times about this, but all she seems to suggest is to do past papers. The only past papers I can find are really old ones and I don't even know if they're applicable to the current syllabus. She doesn't give us IB questions to practice in class either, it's just random chemistry questions from god knows where. I'm really stressing out at this point since this is my final year and I really want to get my chemistry grade up. So, does anyone know where I can find these resources? Preferably tests for the specific units, so like unit tests and the mark scheme?  Any advice would be appreciated as well ;-;

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