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Business HL IA

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for business HL i need to find a business and collect primary research. 5 businesses rejected me or gave me really vague answers. My interview questions werent wrong/bad, and i made sure my business teacher approved of everything before going to my interviews. My rough draft was due 5 days ago and I still don't have ANYTHING. My teacher is very understanding, because I updated her every step of the way. But now im seriously frustrated and don't know what to do. If anyone has advice, it'll be so appreciated <3 

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How are you approaching the business? Might want to make a introduction email if thats the way your doing it. Something like Dear so and so I'm a Ib student and have a very important paper to write. You can explain the paper if you wish so they will understand more. Then say i was wondering if you could take five minutes out of your day to take my survey. 


Then if they relay you can send your survey 


If that doesn't work you might have to show up and or set up a time to meat the business person of choice and ask the questions live.


Hope this helped.  

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