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Where can I find the answer to IB questions?

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So our teachers give us lots of worksheets which have questions from IB past papers, but they don't collect them to correct them. Is there any way I can find the mark schemes to these answers? They do not give us the paper number, so I can't find them online. Using the question bank software might not be an option for me as I use a mac.

Is there anything I can do??


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12 hours ago, Ahmededed said:

Type in the question in google, and it tends to give you the exact question from the paper, which then could help you get the anwsers. :D

Hope this helps!

Thanks for replying, but this is what I do do ^_^

But how exactly do you search for the question? Here is what I type (if it's a chemistry question):

         "IB HL chemistry {the question}"


Do you do it in a different way?


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