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EE in biology

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Hi guys,

I'm doing my extended essay in biology, and I'm super confused about the grading. i've included a lot of explanation of the results supported by relevant studies, a lot of evaluation, and meaningful further research suggestions, although I'm not pretty sure what is expected. In the excellent IB samples online, I don't see a lot of explanation and evaluation, but how come that they get an A for mostly describing their conclusion and conclusions of other research. Can anyone explain this to me please? What is considered an excellent extended essay in Biology? What can be common mistakes for not getting an A? I don't get it at all..

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Hi. So I thought maybe I could answer this for you because I was in the same stance as you before getting my results in July this year, but turns out I scored a 34/36 in the Biology EE with an A. 

See, my EE teacher wasn't great, she didn't know the rubric and a lot of times told me to misplace my paragraphs here and there. but let me give you an advice:

1. The 'excellent' IB samples online can be used to see how exactly they did their research, but keep in mind their evaluation and conclusion is particular to their own research and topic, and their own year of IB, when rules were different.

2. Coming from a student who scored well, I can tell you with 100% guarantee that you have to, at any cost, make your evaluation and conclusion the best of your essay. Don't leave that out. For evaluation, IB doesn;t want you to not make mistakes in your experiment, what it wants is for you to admit it and advice how it could be made better. My evaluation was the most thought-out part of my whole essay. My conclusion, however, was a page long and told everything I found in easier words.


Anything else?

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I am also really confused, my topic is a bit controversial as many of my sources have different opinions is that a problem? I do not think that I will be able to come to a definite conclusion in my essay since the topic is complex, however I will hopefully get some results that I will be able to discuss, I wonder if it is bad that I can not get a really simple conclusion or if it is good if I just talk about the limitations and evaluate different possibilities for the results?

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