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What predicted grades are necessary in order to get a conditional offer at hong kong universities

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I want to study in Hong Kong, and am applying to City Uni of HK, HKU, and HKUST

I have a predicted 35

Math HL 4

Phys HL 5

Chem HL 5

Lang lit HL 6

Econ SL 6

Spanish B SL 7



I'm quite undecided on what I want to study, I just want to get into one of these schools. Are there any majors that would make my chances higher, at any of these unis, especially HKUST and HKU?

I know that at HKU, a 33 makes an applicant competitive for economics and finance (per their website)


Any thoughts?

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I'm not particularly sure what majors you would be competitive for, but I do have a bunch of tangible statistics from peers. 

A close friend was accepted at HKUST for Electrical Engineering with a predicted 41 and the following conditions: 34+ and 5s or above in Maths HL, Physics HL, and Chemistry SL.

A couple other friends received conditional offers at HKU and HKUST for business with a predicted of 40+ or something. Both did not take Maths HL, though both did Business Management HL.

Everyone were offered scholarships depending on their final IB score i.e. a 38/45 is about a 50% scholarship; 35-36/45 would probably be the minimum score needed for some kind of scholarship. 

I think generally speaking Business, Economics and Engineering are the most competitive majors. Perhaps you can try applying for Chemistry or Finance then? I'm also unsure how easy it is to transfer between majors in Hong Kong universities, so it's probably recommended you have a solid idea of what you want to do before applying - if at all possible (the field I thought I was going into during uni application season is DEFINITELY NOT what I want to do now)


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I'm looking into the world of commerce and international relations more so. Although my IB HLs would suggest otherwise, because at the time I thought it would be engineering for me. I'm told that the mid 50% range for HKUST is 36-40, though these are final grades. I'm wondering if a 35 is good enough to receive a predicted, even in an 'easier major'. And yes, at HK universities I'm told that it's not difficult to change faculties or majors by a friend who attends HKU. Thus, I'm looking to 'strategically' get in, by applying to a less competitive major to maximise my chances of admission. Once I get there I will decide the major in greater detail, although it will be in the general area of commerce, finance, economics, etc.

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