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Should I drop to SL bio?

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Hey guys! So okay I'm a senior and two months into IB2. It's a slap in the face innit?? Okay before I go further here are my IB subjects;

HL: Psychology, History, French B and Biology

SL: Math studies, English lang and lit and Arabic. 

(yes I have 7 subjects Arabic is the 7th one)

I have a dilemma because I want to drop to SL biology. Why? Because I don't like learning it in so much depth, I enjoy SL topics but the HL ones are way too laborious for my mind. I have 4HLs so I can drop it anytime, plus most probably I will study in the humanities field unless I go into psychology, which I would rather study as a social science anyways. Most of my HLs are content heavy and it's a lot to take in. My dad is convinced, but my mom still not quite yet. I guess it's a question of me taking this decision and not regretting it because when I dropped to math studies I increase my overall point by 3 marks. Okay snobby alert but for the mock exams biology is the only HL I did not get a 7 in which is very frustrating, but this is beyond grades since I don't enjoy this anymore and it's taking a toll on my confidence :/  Put in mind I was planning on applying to Oxford for psychology major but I ended up applying for history since oxford required HL math and I clearly don't have that, and I kept HL bio because I was aiming to seem like a competitive applicant.

What do you guys think? (I know I'm making a huge deal out of this but I wanna have an outside perspective even if it feels so right to drop)

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I could elaborate a lot on the matter, but if you search through past threads on people asking questions pertaining to Oxford admissions, grades, and subject choices, they all lead to the following gist:

Focus on meeting minimum requirements. Once you have, then just focus on maintaining high grades to maximize chances for getting that conditional offer. If you can't find any information on Oxford Admissions site that HL Biology is either a requirement or a recommendation for History, and you a) hate the subject and b) reduce your overall grades, then by all means drop it. You're looking for an outside perspective, but I'm going to guess that you're leaning A LOT MORE towards dropping the course. Well good news: go ahead and drop it.

Generally speaking admission decisions are rarely contingent by the presence or absence of a non-requirement course - the fact that you're taking 7 subjects already shows you're doing heavier coursework than most applicants (though I'm quite skeptical of the additional benefit a 7th subject even adds anyways). 

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