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Statistics IA- is scattergraphs necessary?

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My Maths SL IA is statistics/correlation based, where I see if theres a correlation between age and rankings given to the top 10 photos of a photography competition.

I was thinking of excluding scattergraphs from my IA because constructing 1 graph each for my ten pics take up a lot of space. Plotting 2 pics on 1 graph is really messy too. 8/10 pics have no correlation, so including their scattergraphs seem kinda pointless. However, having a visual representation of my data will be nice, especially since I can do my line of best fit for the 2/10 that has correlations.

i have chi square, pearsons and spearmans so far. Would excluding scattergraphs be detrimental to my ia? Thanks so much!!

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If you think that it would be beneficial but space consuming, you could always create an appendix, and put your graphs there, then refer to them in your IA.

Besides, A Statistics IA would not be complete in my eyes without some form of graphs to represent your data.

Hope this helps.

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