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Extended essay BIO

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Hey guys,

so my supervisor has told me that large raw data tables in the appendix would detract from communication, and also that I have to include the raw data table int the actual body of my essay. I don't understand how can I do that if it is too long. Also, I mean, if I have 8 treatment groups then of course there will be a lot of data tables, I mean that's my whole research about. Also,I have been told that I cannot just calculate the rate of something to be the only statistical value that I have, but that I need to have more statistical tests. Could you please share your opinion on that, because I'm confused? Thanks in advance.

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I really do not understand your supervisor's advice. It would be the super-long table which would detract from communication, by a lot. What my supervisor told me to do was take the data and average it for each point before presenting it in the table of the main body. That way, the examiner got to see the raw data, and if they wanted to see the data for each of the experiments, I hyperlinked it to the corresponding appendix. 

Including all of the raw data would annoy the examiner, and you would make them less willing to read on with your essay. So, in my (non-expert) opinion, you should just show the averaged of the data and then advise/mention the fact that the raw data for each trial at each point/group is in the appendix.

I do my EE in Chemistry btw. 

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