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Roommate probability IA

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As I attend an international boarding school, students always share a room with someone from another region. (Europe, North America, Latin-America and the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East & Indian Subcontinent, Far East Asia. 

Grade 11 always share a room with a person in grade 12. One cannot get someone from your own region, and not twice the same. 

I am going to calculate the probability of every combination in the two years, for a person representing Europe. Options are for example: North America-Africa or Middle East &Indian Subcontinent and Latin-America and the Caribbean. 

I feel that just the calculations with independent probability and a tree diagram is too easy for math SL. Does anyone have any suggestions? :)




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I'm not going to give you the idea, but there's a fairly obvious opportunity here to use some more advanced statistical distributions from the HL curriculum. Look up Poisson and Binomial distributions. Then you might want to go beyond just one student, and well, I shouldn't say anymore.

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