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Hi my fellow IB classmates :)

I am a Y11 student currently taking my first year of IB (it's been 2 months already as of this post) at an international school in Hong Kong. However, there's a special case for me. Originally, I am leaving for Canada or the United States to continue IB or IB/AP due to the limited subject choices offered here in HK. Due to certain events, I broke my forearm and in the process also severely damaged my ulnar nerves, preventing me to leave as constant medication is required. On the up side, my parents allow me to leave next year to continue IB in Canada or the states but there's some concerns raised from me at this point. Can you only take 1 language&literature subject? Or do you have to do at least 2 from group one?


Here are my current choices in HK

HL: English Lang&Lit, Geography, Physics

SL: Chinese/Cantonese Lang&Lit, Business Management, Math


Here is the subject list I wish to alter once I'm there:

HL: English Lang&Lit, Geography, Physics

SL: Music SL, Business Management, Math

Is it possible?

Furthermore, what will happen to my Music IA scores and what can I do with the predicted grades I got for Chinese Lang&Lit?


Any help/response will do :)

Thanks :D (sorry for the long passage:crying::crying:)

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You can take only one Lang&Lit course AS LONG AS you also take a foreign language (language B from group 2). You can't only take one language course in the IB, you have to take 2. 

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