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Which DP courses should I take HL if I want to do Comp Sci in College?

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Computer Science isn't as rigid as other disciplines, many schools (especially in the U.S. and Canada) will be willing to accept students without programming experience. That being said, some schools may have certain general science requirement, so beware of those. 

Obviously, computer science HL/SL if your school offers it is a good choice. That will let you explore it before the university level, see if you really like it, and make a great project (I loved the computer science IA).

Math HL will be beneficial. Vectors and matrices knowledge are necessary for 3D Graphics. Calculus helps with physics logistics. If you take HL, you'll likely only have to take a few math classes in university as opposed to having to take a lot if you don't. That being said, don't worry if you don't want to do it. You can learn this at the university level.

University admission requirements vary from school to school. If think you might want to go to a certain university, it is your responsibility to check their IB requirements. University websites will clearly tell you their requirements if you do a basic, 3 minute search.

Other than that, do what you want. There are many, diverse fields that computer science graduates can enter so having outside knowledge of any type is beneficial. I used a huge amount of my knowledge of Spanish as a second language to make a language-learning app. If you take Literature A, that can spark you as a reader and allow you to craft heartfelt stories for video games. Art HL may give you the skills to make gorgeous designs come to life as next-generation webpages. Music HL will allow you to explore the tools musicians use and expect from computer software to make music. The list goes on. My point is that whatever you like to do and choose to do can positively inform you and your work with computers.

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Hi, I also want to major in Computer Science so I think I can give you some suggestions / advice.

If your school offers IB Comp Sci (HL/SL), I would definitely recommend taking it. It'll give you a good feel of how college Comp Sci courses are like. Unfortunately, my school didn't provide this opportunity :P 

I strongly recommend Math HL, as the majority Comp Sci courses involve a lot of math. As nomenclature has said before, it will help you with things such as calculus, vectors which are key in university comp sci courses.

I would recommend taking two science courses if you are seriously considering Comp Sci, or any science-related field for that matter. I'd suggest taking IB Physics (I don't know if you would like it though) as it also involves problem solving with Math. Also IB Physics offers an Engineering options course in your senior year that could tie in with Comp Sci content (I dont know about this for sure, however).

Again, these are just recommendations, and the ultimate course selection is up to you.

Good luck!

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I don't know much about Comp Science but like CSYoon, I definately recommend HL Mathematics as a course to take. 

I've heard the mathematics used for Computer Sciences in university is the hardest so I'm sure that the curriculum for HL Math would prepare you. 

If you also want to take sciences, taking either (or) Physics and Chemistry (HL or SL) would probably be a good idea as well.

Remember to check the required prerequisites for the program at different universities just incase. 

Good luck! 

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