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Chem EE: How much data is enough data

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Guest Kukiko

Hi, so I'm trying to finish collecting the data for my ee, which is in chem and I have a few questions based on it.Bt, my ee is based on how hydrogen bonding is affected when samples like glycerol, propylene glycol and ethylene glycol, and when water, ethanol and acetone are added to these samples(in varying volumes).


So basically I would be taking a sample of glycerol(30g) and then adding water to ie(3 ml) then I perform the process again, with a different volume of water. This process will be applied to all the other samples.

I was thinking of doing this procedure for all three samples individually, and I'm getting quite a lot of data from it ie, the volume of the solvent goes to somewhere around 60 ml for each sample.

I was wondering if this could be enough data fr my ee

Also, my teacher was saying that it would be better if I mix two out of three solvents in a varying ratio and then find the change in enthalpy ...would that be necessary? 

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