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Business HL IA

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4 busnesses rejected me and now im on my 5th which is my dads company, Im not sure whether im allowed to do it or not, but can I just put company X? 

Also.. my dad works at an oil company, and im going to be interviewing the business management director which basically decides if the business should take on a new project depending on their employees and finances and resources etc..

What do you think I should base my RQ on? Im kinda lost and frustrated, any help would be appreciated <3 

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Yeah, Business IA is kinda frustrating...

In my school we just use public data from the business register  and back up all the IA in financial assumptions. As  that's pretty poor, personally I will do a survey (to the people who lives near the company).

We just admit in advance that any company will provide us with private info. Hope it helped!

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