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TOK Presentation KQ Query

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Hey guys,

I have my TOK Presentation on Monday.

My KQ was "How can we justify aggression in society?" 
Aggression in society is too narrow a term.
I need help in modifying it.


I modified it to
"How can we justify emotional responses?"

What can be my claims and counterclaims? 
I already have one claim and counterclaim sorted

Kind Regards,

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In the TOK presentation you start with a real-world example and only after that do you derive the KQ. You need a real-world situation for "How can we justify emotional responses?". You should also probably make reference to a few real-world situations more when going through claims and counterclaims.

Nobody is going to give you claims and counterclaims. It's academically dishonest. It's your job to come up with those. I already did my TOK presentation; you can too.

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