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Math SL IA advice!!

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Hey guys,

so my teacher told me that for my math IA, i have to have my text double-spaced, although this results in my IA being long 16 instead of 12 pages! Is that really necessary, or not? Also, she told me to improve on the reflections, but I don't quite understand how. How can you critically reflect on the maths that you have? Can you give me an example? Please anyone, give some advice. Thank you in advance.

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Hey IBlearner73,


From my experience, don't worry about your pages, mine was also 16, but my IA was filled with graphs, that took up lots of space. and your reflection, reflect on the validity of your data, how accurate were you? if possible compare your conclusions with previous conclusions found online. Also, state how you could improve your IA if you were to do it again.

Best of luck!

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