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I received 8A* at iGCSE and have applied to Oxford. The fact that most applicants for ug med did upto 15 GCSEs and got 10A* on average is plaguing me. My school fixed 7 subjects per students so I couldn't take more GCSEs. I'm an international applicant so my chances are already pretty low for an offer.


Unsure if the 9 GCSEs in total compared to 14 will be a downer?

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It depends on your BMAT score, predicted, and %-ratio of A*s that you got. 


Whilst 8A* at igcse is a great result (especially if it’s 100%), you do have to keep in mind that meidicne for international applicants (especially at Oxbridge) is crazy competitive. So yes, you do stand a chance, but there are many other factors which will determine the likelihood of you being accepted. 

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