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Business sl IA on motivation

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Hey guys! I'm in Business sl and I am doubting a little about what my RQ should be. I want to do my IA about motivation, possibly centered on my mother's business (it's a pretty big school chain, and currently in UK and Spain.) and the motivation of their teachers. I am not sure about how to center it. My main ideas: 

How could Company X improve the motivation of their teachers in its spanish schools?

Should Company X implement Y theory (Pink's, Maslow's...) to improve teacher motivation in Spain? 

I'm stuck!!! Please help

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Dear Clara,

You can of course do your Business SL IA on motivation, with a research question along the lines of: To what extent would company XYZ benefit from Y theory to improve motivation of its staff?

However, I heard that B&M IAs that focus on human resource management rarely score high. This may be because of the lack of secondary sources on HRM-related issues (most companies publish more about finance or marketing) or simply because examiners prefer to see more "rigorous" financial and marketing concepts.

However, if you are sure you can do this well - with sufficient and varied secondary sources for backing up your claims, then I don't want to deter you.



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Dear Astonky, 

Thank you so much for your reply. I think that is something I should really take into account. I am going to look for some other topics and maybe do it about finance (I'm in Maths HL so it shouldn't be too hard).

Thanks again!


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