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TOK Writing task

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You could certainly show how Donald Trump's portrayal of the media as an enemy has united his rather uneducated base, which clearly didn't take IB.;) You could go into detail about things like the old adage like, "If you say it often enough and loud enough people will think its true." While also talking about how Donald Trump himself has used public distrust to sway the opinion against them. I know it's not exactly along the lines of, "how the government uses mass media to their advantage," but its still a pretty interesting idea.

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Generally, IB recommends in their TOK workshops that students shouldn't get to see many examples (if that's what you were asking for, I didn't know if you wanted a prompt when you asked for a written task). This may seem counter-intuitive, as in all other subjects you recommended to seek out examples and study them so you learn to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, but IB really want students to have a fresh perspective going into a TOK essay. You should read this thread that gives great tips for the TOK essay. As for specific analysis, that needs to be you own thoughts and not anyone else's, even if you argue for a sentiment that is commonly shared. Good luck.

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